Operations Director


Responsible for oversight of the finance team, human resources (HR) and administrative team, and procurement and grants teams.
Serve as part of the program’s senior management team and provide tools, guidance and information that the technical teams need to conduct their work (including, but not limited to: budgeting, tracking, financial progress reporting, and higher-level analysis of data produced by the Finance and Procurement sub-teams).
Serve as the primary point of contact for DAI home office Project Manager on all home office requests related to finance and operations.
Assist the Finance Manager in preparation of the monthly financial field reports, bank reconciliations, and other project finance tasks.
Lead on the preparation and submission of quarterly financial reports and other reports required under the contract, liaising with USAID as needed.
Review and analyze budget estimates for allowability, allocability, reasonableness, and consistency. Share suggested amendments/adjustments with CFO and CoP for approval.
Establish and maintain compliant financial reporting records per record management policy and field manual.
Provide oversight of all procurement processes, including determining procurement requirements, to identify and ensure the most appropriate procurement methods to ensure transparent processes are utilized.
Provide oversight to grant implementation to ensure proposal and budget feasibility and grant activity schedule, equipment and material procurement standards are upheld as outlined in the ATI grants manual and Field Operations Manual (FOM).
Review all grant and procurement activities for compliance with program policies and USAID regulations.
Oversee the final review and close out of grant and procurement activities.
Ensures use of the grants and procurements management system (in TAMIS).
Establish project administrative policies in accordance with USAID rules and regulations, DAI policy, and local labor laws for countries ATI works in, and, in coordination with the Operations Manager, ensure staff are trained.
Oversee all administrative matters, including the recruitment and management of operational, procurement, finance, and administrative staff.
Oversee the HR Officer ensure compliance with DAI policies, the ATI contract, and U.S. Government requirements for personnel management.
Other duties as requested by the Chief Financial Officer or Chief of Party


Bachelor’s degree and 11+, or a Master’s degree and 9+, years of relevant administrative, operational, and/or technical professional experience
Exhibited experience in operational and process management of donor-funded development projects, including experience in administrative, business, human resources/recruitment, travel and/or event logistics, and/or project management skills
Demonstrated knowledge of internal controls and audit processes (e.g. procurement, subcontract agreements, etc.
Ability to effectively prioritize critical requests, identifying time sensitive demands and inquiries and responding effectively to requests to support effective implementation.
Exceptional problem solving and decision-making skills, with the ability to adapt and refine operational processes to improve efficiency, responsiveness, and compliance of project activities.
Demonstrated experience managing a team to meet operational objectives


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