Business Development Executive

Position Code: BDE

Department: Business Development Executive

Reports To: Head of Business Development and Marketing




Your duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to the following Key Result Areas:

  • Revenue GenerationAchieve sales targets by continuously developing new business/closing opportunities ob- tained from Marketing team
  • Sell company products and services at reasonable profit
  • Cross-selling company products to existing clients to augment the company’s revenue
  • Market IntelligenceMarket research and analysis
  • Gather customer intelligence information and act on it accordingly in a way that gives the company an edge over competitors
  • Obtain knowledge of competitors’ products, activities/strategies, clients and market in- sight to adjust sales strategies and tactics
  • Research and understand COSEKE’s portfolio of products, solutions and services so as to be able to pitch them well to clients and prospects
  • Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning of Company products to target markets
  • Use knowledge of the market and competitors to identify and develop the company’s unique selling propositions and differentiators
  • Actively monitor market trends through personal contact with clients and industry associ- ated meetings/events and seminars; and provide feedback to Country Manager
  • Identify, do due diligence and establish partnerships with manufacturers of products that are in the company’s line of business
  • Regularly promote business to optimise its market profile and growth prospects, includ- ing regular attendance at all relevant professional and industry events and activities
  • Develop and launch products that meet the market needs
  • Attend industry functions, such as association events and conferences, and provide feed- back/ information on market trends
  • Strategy, Planning and ReportingProvide strategic leadership, support, coordination and advice to the supervisor and man- agement on Business Development priorities and Initiatives
  • Develop and implement business development plans in order to win business in the mar- ket
  • Set departmental Business Development Goals and Objectives
  • Create and implement a structured plan to achieve set targets and develop a budget to im- plement the plan
  • Identify business opportunities, craft and implement a sales strategy to exploit them
  • Assist the Head of Business Development and Marketing in development and execution of strategy and determining the Company’s strategic direction
  • Report on business opportunities, sales revenue, activity and performance on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually or as required by Supervisor
  • Report on progress of strategy implementation based on KPIs and recommend strategic and tactical interventions required to achieve set objectives
  • Develop the Company’s SWOT Analysis and submit to supervisor for review and ap- provalLiaise with Marketing and Public Relations Manager to design and develop Marketing and Promotional content and tools such as brochures, banners, website content, fliers, newsletters, etc
  • Introduce procedures and processes that improve operational efficiency and effective of Business Development Efforts and Initiatives
  • Contribute to development of business cases for recruitment of more staff in the depart- ment
  • Plan, direct and manage all Business Development activities to achieve the departments sales goals
  • Use professional networks in strategic activities to achieve better Marketing outcomes
  • Plan persuasive approaches and pitches that will convince potential clients to do business with the company
  • Product Development and ManagementUnderstand all company products and their features and create awareness position them to the company’s selected markets
  • Recommend necessary improvements to products and/or develop new ones based on the market demand and customer requirements
  • Liaise with other departmental teams to develop new initiatives, ideas and plans for new product opportunities
  • Manage/conduct launch of new and existing products, upgrades to new ones and product information/awareness events to different private-sector Organisations and Agencies
  • Present to and consult with management on business/market trends so as to develop new products, solutions, services and business models
  • Learn as much as possible about products, services and solutions of the firm and be able to pitch them clearly to clients
  • Organise business development events like Breakfast Launch, Training, etc to educate prospects about company products and use gathered contacts to follow up and close deals
  • Prospecting for New BusinessGenerate New Leads/Opportunities and develop, manage and maintain an up-to-ate data- base/pipeline
  • Promote company products and services and persuade new customers to buy and existing ones to buy more through different channels of communication and customer engagement
  • Raise the Company’s Profile in the Market to increase visibility and Market Share
  • Collaborate with Marketing and Public Relations to provide input to development of marketing content for different market sectors through print material, website, newslet- ters, concept papers, proposals, social media etc
  • Solicit for referrals from existing clients, staff members and personal contacts and ac- quaintances
  • Prospect for new clients by networking, cold calling, advertising or other means of gener- ating interest from potential clients and turn them into buying and loyal customers
  • Identify potential clients, and the decision makers within the client organizations
  • Research and build relationships with new clients
  • Set up meetings between client decision makers and company’s practice leaders/Princi- pals.
  • Plan approaches and pitches. Work with team to develop proposals that speak to the client’s needs, concerns, and objectives
  • Participate in pricing the solution/service
  • Handle objections by clarifying, emphasizing agreements and working through differ- ences to a positive conclusion. Use a variety of styles to persuade or negotiate appropri- ately.
  • Lead Nurturing and EngagementIdentify and analyse needs of prospects and work closely with technical team to deter- mine suitable solutions
  • Develop customer value propositions for company’s products, services and solutions
  • Prepare and deliver sales presentations on Company products, services and solutions to new and existing clients and answer their questions to help them make an informed buy- ing decision. This is to be done in coordination with Technical, Projects and Customer Care team members
  • Requirements gathering, analysis and documentation
  • Participate in product demonstrations and proof of concepts
  • Meetings with customers to identify and exploit business opportunities
  • Create and deliver persuasive business presentations
  • Negotiate profitable deals with prospects and handle objections
  • Develop a rapport with new clients and set targets for sales and provide support that will continually improve the relationship
  • Grow and retain existing accounts by presenting new solutions and services to clients
  • Proposal DevelopmentProposal Development―Pre-qualifications, Targeted/customized Sales Proposals, Bids,
  • RFPs, RFQs, Quotations, Proofs of Concept (POC)
  • Key Account Management and Building Client RelationshipsDevelop new, positive and lasting business relationships and maintain existing ones based on mutual trust and confidence
  • Schedule and attend client meetings, ensuring that number of meetings meets targets as set by supervisor/management
  • Discuss and agree with clients on terms of dealing on all opportunities
  • Lobby, negotiate and close deals
  • Analyse the needs of clients, help them scope their work and conceptualize ideal solu- tions
  • Constantly or regularly follow up with clients on available opportunities
  • Understand needs of clients and recommending suitable products or solutions
  • Devise strategies for repeat purchases, client retention and referrals
  • Actively engage or get involved in providing customer service to retain clients once a sale is achieved. This is to be done in close coordination with Client Relations team
  • Contacting lapsed customers and re-establishing them as an existing customer
  • Present new products and services and enhance existing relationships
  • Arrange and participate in internal and external client debriefs
  • Team Support/CollaborationBuild & maintain effective working relationships with peers, team members & members from other departments
  • Work closely with marketing team, sharing knowledge, discussing ideas and helping the team to achieve targets
  • Develop strong and effective working relationships with the account management teams
  • Timely and effective communication with other team members including those from other departments
  • Supervise and manage performance of Business Development Executives
  • Mentor and coach Business Development Executives and setting sales targets for them
  • Assign work to Business Development Executives while encouraging them to take per- sonal initiative
  • Conduct performance appraisal for self and subordinates and provide regular, construc- tive feedback and reinforcement regarding performance
  • Manage team performance, promoting cohesiveness and taking corrective action where necessary
  • Follow up on leads provided by Marketing team, staff in other departments, referrals and convert them into sales
    Work with technical team and other staff to meet customer needs
  • Professional and Personal DevelopmentAcquire necessary knowledge and skills to enable better execution of duties either through self-sponsorship or requesting for training facilitation from the Company in con- sultation with the supervisor
  • Attend industry and partner events like courses, seminars, webinars, conferences, etc to improve on product knowledge and be able to position them better
  • Identify the skill gaps that need to be filled both by you and your subordinates and make recommendations to Management with a plan for training or coaching
  • Support, coach and mentor subordinates or new team members
  • Work with staff to create individual development plans addressing employee and business needs, encouraging employees to seek or participate in learning opportunities
  • Compliance with Organizational PoliciesExecute your roles and responsibilities in accordance with the Company’s ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System by implementing existing procedures or coming up with new ones that are deemed to contribute to continuous performance improvement
  • Ensure all internal and external publications and marketing materials are consistent with Company corporate branding and culture
  • Practice and maintain a professional/company dress code and neat personal appearance at all times during working hours

Education / Knowledge / Experience Needed:

  •  Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or related field
  •  At least 2 years’ experience in marketing with demonstrated ability to deliver consistently strong measurable results through lead generation and qualification
  • Experience with database, digital/content, and direct-response marketing
  • Prefer experience with Business-to-Business (B2B) Marketing
  • Experience with Google Analytics or other web and digital analytics tools a plus
    Skills Required:


  • Good analytical skills, including using data and reports to review performance results, extract insights, and make recommendations for action
  • Business and financial acumen to recognize and quantify strategic opportunities; data analysis capabilities, building detailed business cases
  • Proficiency Microsoft Office suite especially Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel


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