Digital Application for Marketing Service for Young Creative

Relevant Project Result Areas

Increased access to capacity and skills development opportunities for Youth and youth-led organisations in the creative sector in East Africa.
Increased access for young creatives in East Africa to professional networks/ platforms, job and market opportunities in the creative sector locally and internationally.
Promoted intercultural dialogue and inclusion through co-production of innovative and impactful creative events and projects by and for Youth in East Africa and Europe.
Objective of the Assignment

Under the supervision of CISP Project manager, the service provider is expected to:

To provide an already running Application open to include new users.
To support in building specific pages/sections targeting the ArtXChange young creative beneficiaries.
To be open to include in the Application both well-established artists and beginners.
To allow the young creatives to have their own distribution channel in order to make direct profit for their products.
To allow both physical end digital products to be sold and promoted (paintings, jewels, songs, events, creative services such as graphic design, digital creative products, and more)
To allow the users to access capacity building and networking opportunities through the App.
To ensure the sustainability of ArtXChange objective by offering its beneficiaries trainings on how to manage the Application and monetize their products and services.
To guarantee their presence even after the project end (October 2022)
To be open and accessible from Countries in Africa and Europe both for use and purchase.
To offer interactive options to artists such as competitions, collaborations, social media access, etc.



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Applications should be submitted on or before 17:00 EAT 28th June 2022  All applications must include all of the following:

1. Curriculum Vitae of one of the Funders and/or Organisation Portfolio (maximum 1 page) a. The above should describe the Service provider profile, emphasising previous experience in this kind of work in Kenya and other countries.

2. Technical Proposal (max 10 pages): The technical Proposal should include: a. Proposed short narrative with approach with clear justifications, understanding of the TOR and the tasks to be accomplished highlighting the bidder has capacity to perform all aspects of the assignment and deliver the services.

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