Inhouse Counselor


CloudFactory is looking to engage with a Counselor to help our team members build coping mechanisms for stressful situations they encounter on-the-job. You’ll work as part of an in-house team that offers our employees guidance and resources for avoiding burnout and other risks. The ideal candidate will provide personalized plans designed to help our team members meet their short and long-term personal goals.


Happy employees should lead to improving company performance. However, a Counselor’s mandate isn’t to directly measure benefits in terms of company productivity. You shall work toward a few specific goals:

To improve the overall individual and group health of CloudFactory.
To equip people with better mechanisms to be healthier and happier at work and at home.
To be a unique benefit to its employees that adds value to individuals within and beyond the scope of their job.
To bolster the growth in values the company holds important such as empathy and cultural intelligence.


To be a resource for regular 1:1 counseling for any employees who wish to engage either on a scheduled or drop-in basis.
To teach a 1-hour virtual “lunch-and-learn” at least quarterly to the whole company on a relevant topic.
To collaborate with our Heart to Heart champions in identifying various forms of mental health support that may be given to our Cloud Workers.
To produce a quarterly report for management to understand:What is the general “temperature” of the company in terms of happiness and healthiness?
Suggestions on how management can improve the health of the core team.
Utilization of the Counselor’s time
Suggestions on how we can clarify or improve the scope of the Counselor’s role
NOTE: No reporting shall ever be required to compromise client-patient confidentiality. Only appropriate generalities will be disclosed.
In situations of change or trauma, to directly advise the leadership team on ways to proceed that are most beneficial to affected individuals or the company as a whole.
Be available for occasional consulting in different business processes that can help us create a better worker experience.
Coordinate other counseling efforts including but not limited to the local language language counseling vendors when needed for special situations.
Technology: be able to utilize available technology to maximize efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of services, programs and publicity.
Conduct needs and impact /client satisfaction surveys.
Performs additional job-related duties and responsibilities as requested.


Minimum Educational Qualifications and Professional Experience

Educational qualifications: Masters degree in Counseling/Clinical Psychology from a recognized educational institution.
Professional Qualifications: Membership to a Professional Association nationally and internationally; Counseling certifications. In-Progress certifications require a commitment to complete them in a reasonable time frame.
Served as senior counseling officer for a minimum of 3 years.
Proficiency in computer applications.
Shown merit and ability as reflected in work performance and results.

Personal Attributes & Competencies

Shown merit and ability as reflected in work performance and results.
Confidentiality and integrity.
Proficiency in computer applications.
Team player with excellent interpersonal skills.
Relationship builder & effective negotiator.
Good communication skills.
Attention to detail.
Adaptability and reliability.
Fluent in English and the local language is ideal.
The right heart and mind to work in a for-profit business context that is seeking social, relational, economic, and spiritual impact



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