DevOptics SRE (1338)

What You’ll Bring To The Team

New ideas from where you’ve worked in the past – what worked well, what didn’t work, what CloudBees could do better?
“the knack” – an uncanny ability to uncover the root cause of problems based on limited information because “it feels like something you’ve seen before”
The courage to say – “I’m not sure” – and getting feedback from your colleagues on how to complete a task in our tech-stack
No fear of saying – “Have you considered doing it this way” – and giving constructive feedback to colleagues on alternative ways of doing things

What you’ll work on

IaaS – AWS, ECS, ElasticSearch
Platform tools – Kubernetes, terraform, ECS, docker
Language tools – Java
Engineering tools – Jenkins, Vault, Auth0
Operations tools – PagerDuty, DataDog
Corporate tools – GSuite, GitHub, Jira, Confluence, Slack (we use these – rather than “work on them”)

There are a lot more tools – you should ask during your interview!

How You’ll Be Part Of The Team

You are:

self-motivated and enjoy solving problems
excited by the opportunity to automate yourself out of recurring work
able to keep tickets up to date, so we don’t need too many status meetings (we’re async first due to our distributed nature)
You will liaise directly with the software engineers across all teams, ensuring that decisions are agreed internally and externally to CloudBees Value Stream Management and that they meet our technical and non-technical objectives.
You have experience (some – not all!) in:

programming in various languages and domains
the “modern Ops stack” (e.g. monitoring, alerting, cloud-based provisioning, Docker, Kubernetes)
Linux systems administration
cloud-based operations (GCP, AWS, or Azure)
cluster orchestration and management tools (e.g. k8s / ECS / Terraform / etc)
continuous integration / continuous delivery tools (Jenkins etc)
modern software engineering practices: code reviews, unit / acceptance testing, source control, etc.

How you’ll work

You work in a geographically distributed team (APAC, US, EMEA) of peers
You choose your own work in tandem with the team, team-leader, and manager
You report directly to the Operations Manager (who reports to the VP of Engineering)
Your working hours are flexible – while there will be some core hours required for meeting with Engineering and Operations teams – much latitude is given in getting work done. This includes determining your own start and finish times to accommodate family life.
Travel is limited (especially at the moment) – but once things return to normal (whatever that looks like) we’ll have an annual offsite somewhere on the planet


We prefer to avoid out-of-working-hours on-call where possible (and are geographically distributed to achieve this), however it is expected that you will be willing to respond to alerts out of hours on a best-effort basis. You don’t take your laptop anywhere unless you want to.
Work hours on-call is just known as “work” – if it blows up – you fix it or find someone who can fix it.
Engineering teams operate under a “Total Ownership” model – they own their entire stack and are empowered to fix it. They occasionally need help out of hours, and we provide best-effort support.

As an example –

No one has been woken up for an outage in over 8 years
There hasn’t been a weekend outage in the last 6 months
We have had to triage security vulnerability reports (on weekends), but those have not required work beyond the initial fault analysis.
There are occasional false-positives – that are easily silenced – and then resolved at a system level during normal working hours.

What You’ll Get

Highly competitive benefits and vacation package
Ability to work for one of the fastest growing companies with some of the most talented people in the industry
Team outings
Fun, Hardworking, and Casual Environment
Endless Growth Opportunities


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