User Experience Research and Designer

Responsibilities for UX Research and Designer

Conduct testing of sample applications, websites and software to Assess user experience and ease of design
Use recent studies and findings to establish the best overall design elements to include in UX design experiences
Build storyboards to conceptualize designs to accurately convey project plans to clients and senior management
Create surveys for research through various media platforms to gather feedback on user’s ease of use and satisfaction interfacing on company websites and products
Design the aesthetics to be implemented within a website or product, from the layout menus and drop-down options to colors and fonts allowing for interface edits as needed
Analyze customer responses and website data to examine high traffic web pages and determine why certain webpages perform better
Enhance user experience by creating seamless navigation through various digital programs and interfaces within the company
Combine interface design concepts with digital design and establish milestones to encourage cooperation and teamwork
Meet clients to gather information about their requirements and to find out what needs researching, designing or usability testing
Be involved in sketching, prototyping and on occasion user testing, before passing the design onto the development team
Understand qualitative research methods
Have an awareness of costs and budgets
Put users at the centre of a design to make it simple, easy to use and good looking
Be confident in your presentation skills in order to present the stages of the design development to business users
Work closely within a multidisciplinary team, including web developers and programmers
Have technical knowledge to be able to explain what needs doing, to programmers
Ensure websites comply with the law and equal opportunities policies.

Qualifications for UX Research and Designer

3-5 years of demonstrated experience in creating and implementing UX design
Knowledge of coding and ability to troubleshoot, even if you’re not doing it yourself, such as an understanding of HTML, Javascript and CSS languages
Experience of using prototyping software tools, for example Figma, FlowMapp, Axure Pro and VisuaSiteMaps
The ability to use Adobe Creative Cloud, including Photoshop.
Ability to work effectively in a collaborative environment to create top-performing interfaces for clients
Continued education and research into UX trends and current design strategy and technologies
Professional written and interpersonal skills when communicating with customers and clients
Ability to prioritize and manage several milestones and projects efficiently
Account for challenges using problem-solving skills and seek to optimize data for the best possible outcome
Experience creating storyboards and website mapping
A mixture of creative and technical skills
Excellent teamworking skills
Verbal communication skills, as you present your research findings and the reasons behind your design decisions
Strong written communication ability, as you may be involved in writing copy for the website
Creativity and innovation, to come up with new ideas
Enthusiasm for design and technology


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