LMS Product Manager

The LMS Product Manager is responsible for Business Strategy development and formulation, as well as the below:

LMS Kenya Revenue and Balance Sheet growth
Developing, coaching and training both Citi’s clients and staff (product stakeholders) on LMS products and solutions to ensure continuous awareness and effectiveness of execution
Manage LMS metrics including Monthly Financials, CRM information, MIS Process, etc. to ensure pipeline discipline and that all revenues are properly accounted for and mapped to Cash or LMS Product.
Support the Relationship Management and TTS Sales team by attending customer calls to help originate deals, preparation of NPAs, CSRs and making presentations to customers as needed.
Revenues: responsible for identification, developing and managing deal pipeline, and structuring product solutions such that revenues are achieved. Revenues are jointly matrixed and marketed with relationship managers.
Delivering innovative and strategic LMS solutions through leveraging globally-delivered solutions and tools
NIM protection: Carefully manage interest payout to clients in line with prevailing market conditions and business strategy


Revenue and expenses – Continuous focus on revenue growth and expense management to exceed targets set by the franchise
Regional Cash Product support – Liaise with the SSA cluster and EMEA regional teams to determine and validate strategies to be applied in LMS Cash product management in Kenya.
Risk & Controls discipline – Ensuring a pristine controls environment as business and products are developed and utilized
Spearheading digitization and use of automated systems in support of Cash product solutions
Responsible for documenting CSRs, NPAs and taking new products and solutions through Citi’s approval process
Financial reporting – meticulously reviewing reported revenue to minimize leakages and surprises
Budgeting and projections – Instrumental in defining challenging and realistic revenue and expense projections
Training – training both Citi’s clients and Citi staff (product stakeholders) on existing products and solutions to ensure continuous awareness and effectiveness of execution
New and existing Product and Product program review and development – review of Citi capabilities to tailor LMS product solutions in line with client needs and ensure alignment with other business segments and regulatory requirements
Continuous price review to ensure accuracy, optimum returns and client satisfaction
Deal Pipeline –Development of a LMS product pipeline to ensure revenue momentum is sustained
Weekly deal pipeline review to track closure – deal wins and implementation
Extensive client face-time: Deal origination, structuring and closure sourced directly through client interaction and from the Relationship Management team
Conduct market sizing and analysis to identify potential Cash Management opportunities
Establish and maintain continuous communications with Operations & Technology, Client Coverage and Clients to support the dissemination of product knowledge, prevailing macroeconomic conditions etc that could affect the LMS business.

Development value:

This role offers the candidate a chance to  work with a knowledgeable, motivated and ambitious team, which enjoys shaping and crafting new solutions in support of Citi’s clients.  Benefits to the successful candidate include:
Development of technical skills:

Exposure to new technologies and emerging digital business models
Exposure to Partner management: – legal, compliance, business development (pricing, models, etc)
Deepening knowledge & discipline on product development, deal solutioning and product management skills
Deepening further knowledge on risk control and governance processes in TTS

Soft Skills Development

Navigating and influencing in complexity: cultural, hierachical (matrix management) & functional
Enhance and stretch leadership capacity through supporting peers and seniors
Enhance and stretch advocacy, negotiation & communication skills
Enhance execution skills
Continuous learning opportunities

Knowledge/ Experience:

Good understanding on Balance Sheet Management and Transfer Pricing policies
Previous work experience in Product Management or Relationship management preferred
Track Record in designing and implementing new products and solutions
Knowledge of the Cash Management and LMS businesses
Deep understanding of Risk Management is essential and a pre-requisite


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About Citi

About Citi
Citibank N.A. Kenya has been operating in Kenya since 1974 and has two branches in Nairobi and Mombasa, serving Corporate and Institutional clients. Citibank Kenya is the regional hub for the Citi East Africa cluster, which covers Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia. It's the only solely corporate bank in Kenya. Businesses Citi Kenya is structured around business segments, product groups, operations and technology and staff units. The business segment that caters to our diverse customer base is our Institutional Clients Group, which includes the global relationship banking services we provide for top-tier local corporate clients. As a part of our business focus and broader market reach, in 1999 we expanded our target market to cater to the emerging and vibrant middle and lower market tiers. We also have a financial institutions group that is responsible for our businesses with other banks, insurance companies and other non-banking financial institutions. We offer a range of banking services to companies, including commercial finance, inter-bank transactions, investment services, deposits, cash management and electronic banking. We assist our customers with managing their finances to increase the value of their investments and finance their projects. Citi Kenya also provides global transaction services, treasury and corporate finance services. Citi's mission is to serve as a trusted partner to our clients by responsibly providing financial services that enable growth and economic progress. Our core activities are safeguarding assets, lending money, making payments and accessing the capital markets on behalf of our clients. We have 200 years of experience helping our clients meet the world's toughest challenges and embrace its greatest opportunities. We are Citi, the global bank - an institution connecting millions of people across hundreds of countries and cities.