Networking Engineer
Job TypeFull Time
Job FieldICT / Computer
The jobholder is primarily responsible for installing and maintaining computer communication networks at Centum Investment Plc and subsidiaries.

Duties and Responsibilities

Network   Management

  • Configure  and install  various  network  devices  and services  (e.g.,   routers,  switches, firewalls,   load  balancers,  VPN, QoS)
  • Perform    network    maintenance     and   system   upgrades   including    service   packs, patches,  hot  fixes  and security  configurations
  • Monitor  performance    and ensure system  availability    and reliability
  • Monitor  system  resource  utilization,    trending,   and capacity   planning
  • Provide  Level  1    I  level 2 support and troubleshooting to resolve issues
  • Work within  established configuration  and change management policies to ensure awareness, approval and success of changes made to the network infrastructure
  • Select and implement  security tools, policies, and procedures in conjunction  with the company’s security  team
  • Install computer  networks such as local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs),the Internet,  intranets,  and other data communications systems.
  • Install server hardware and software infrastructure.
  • Troubleshoot and restore systems after crashes.
  • Manage DHCP, WIFI and assignment of IP on the networks and restore protocol.
  • Undertake routine  preventative measures and implement,  maintain  and monitor network security and ensure systems comply with industry standards.
  • Support administration   of  servers and  server  clusters  and  manage system and database back up.
  • Document network problems, support network and computing infrastructure.
  • Install and maintain network services, equipment, and various devices​
    2.  Project   Management
  • Conduct  IT project   feasibility    studies  and make presentations   and recommendations on development   concepts,   preliminary    development   programs  and  budgets.
  • Prepare   the   project    briefs   which    will   include    setting    time,    cost   and   quality objectives   for  the  projects.
  • Supervise  and  manage the  selection   of  project   consultants   and contractors   and co-ordinate   and monitor   their  work  done.
  • Be  the  primary   point  of contact   between   the company  and the  project   consultants and contractors.
  • Develop   and  deliver   internal    and  client-facing     program   reviews,   status   reports, performance   reports  and other  communications
  • Prepares  and provides  various  reports  and technical   reviews  to  senior  management as requested.
  • Ensures compliance   with  relevant  corporate   and government   policies  and standards.
  • Stakeholders  management   for  effective   collaboration    between  all  parties  involved, including   public  and private   sectors,  government   agencies,  consultants,    employees and shareholders.
    ICT Support
  • Liaise with  vendors  and other   IT personnel  for  problem  resolution
    Serve  as   the   primary    point    of   contact    for   communicating     with    the   technical stakeholders     at  the  site  on  any  issues  that   arise,   and  for  on-going   discussion  of progress
  • Adhere  to  effective    systems,  policies,   procedures   and  best  practices   to ensure  the timely   resolution   of ICT related   incidents
  • Develop  a  keen understanding   of program  service  delivery   goals and  requirements, and develop  and enact  a vision  to  both  meet  the  customer’s   current   needs,  and for evolution   of the  program  to  meet  changing  customer  needs
  • Ensure that  vendors  are well  integrated    into  the  project   team
  • Monitor  vendors  performance   and adherence  to  SLAs

The jobholder   is  provided   with  a  laptop  and a  desk phone to  facilitate    performance   of his/her   duties.
The jobholder also has access to the  office   photocopiers,   office   printers  and shredder. Financial   responsibility
Minimum Requirements

  • BSC   IT or any IT related   degree
  • CCNA
  • VMware  Certification
  • 1  + years hands-on network engineering experience
  • Deep understanding of networking protocols (e.g.,  IPSEC, HSRP, BGP, OSPF,  802.11, QoS)
  • Understanding of the OSI or TCP/IP model
  • Hands-on experience with  monitoring, network diagnostic and network analytics tools
  • University degree in Computer Science or a related subject
  • A strategic thinker who is able to develop and refine strategy for successful implementation  of the project
  • Reasonable knowledge of ICT Support
  • Excellent interpersonal,  and team skills
  • Excellent verbal and written  communication skills.
  • Ability to grow with  the organization, fostered by entrepreneurial  drive
  • Ethical
  • Demonstrated ability  to develop new methodologies related  to planning and design of integrated developments


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