Global Gender Cohort Coordinator


Ensure an effective cohort business model that drives demand for and provision of gender TA
This requires an important mix of strategy development and execution, coordination and planning alongside strong relationship management skills and finance competencies. Technical assistance (TA) assignments will cover the range of gender technical services offered by the Global Gender Cohort, including Social Analysis & Action (SAA), Gender Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (REDI) trainings, Gender-Based Violence, Social Norms, Women’s Economic Justice (WEJ) and Women’s Voice and Leadership (WV&L). It also requires review of the effectiveness of the gender cohort as a business model, and to establish and advance the cohort strategy.
Tasks include: review of cohort model to drive effectiveness, impact, economies of scale/appropriate costing; ongoing communication/promotion of the Gender Cohort’s services to maintain demand; responding to requests for gender TA including negotiation with clients to achieve appropriate and feasible terms of reference (TORs); identifying Gender Cohort members to undertake TA requests in line with their skills and experience; active engagement with partners for impact (CARE) and fostering external clients; active collaboration with CARE-USA and CI stakeholders for roll out of REDI curriculum; networking and connect with other Cohorts and/or rosters with gender expertise – including the Rapid Response Team (RRT), VSLA Cohort, MEAL Cohort.
Maintain active, engaged and updated roster for gender technical support
This involves ongoing recruitment of new Gender Cohort members to replace those lost through attrition, and management of existing Gender Cohort members and fostering engagement, connectedness and learning for the Global Gender Cohort community.
Tasks include: calling for new applicants, assessing applications (including work examples) to determine readiness for deployment, and maintaining Gender Cohort member administrative records. Ensuring the engagement of existing Gender Cohort members through coordination and delivery of ongoing learning opportunities (including periodically delivering the Gender Cohort course and other elective training courses); bi-monthly sharing webinars; monthly email updates; connections with the broader Gender Justice Team and regular communications through Workplace and Skype chat and/or other virtual platforms.
Administrative and financial management of the Global Gender Cohort
This involves ensuring smooth operations and financial viability of the Gender Cohort. The Gender Cohort Coordinator will strive to ensure sufficient revenue is earned to cover Global Gender Cohort operating costs through Gender Cohort revenue through an effective costing model that encompasses both internal and external clients.
Key tasks: maintaining an online database of TA assignments and Cohort members, updating/maintaining a financial tracking system in Teams, carrying out necessary administration for each TA assignment, and balancing financial considerations when making Cohort member deployment decisions. The Coordinator is also responsible for preparing annual budgets with increasing levels of operating costs covered by Cohort revenue.
Provide technical backstopping to Global Gender Cohort assignments
To ensure that Global Gender Cohort TA is of a high standard, the Coordinator provides remote support to Gender Cohort members and clients (as / if needed).
Key tasks: linking to organizational program quality standards and tools, providing technical advice on a range of gender technical areas; reviewing tools, approaches and reports; writing/re-writing reports and other outputs; and producing attractive designs of reports and other outputs. The Gender Cohort Coordinator will monitor the quality of Gender Cohort TA, including through accountability mechanisms such as (but not limited to) client evaluation forms. Ensuring client evaluations are regularly / consistently completed and lessons and feedback is shared with the membership and encorporated into the cohorts overall functioning (improvement).
Direct provision of technical assistance and other tasks as required
From time-to-time the Gender Cohort Coordinator may undertakes Gender Cohort TA assignments – both in-country and remote. The Gender Cohort Coordinator also actively contributes to other work of GJT.
The Gender Cohort Coordinator also actively contributes to other GJT work, including: priority workstreams related to the CARE USA Gender Equal Strategy and CARE International Gender Equality Impact Area strategy and may act as a regional focal point (depending on location, language etc). The Gender Cohort Coordinator may also support other GJT priorities as needed, such as resource mobilization or external representation.


The position requires a mix of technical gender experience, relationship-management, and ability to work with minimal supervision. Specifically:
Experience undertaking a variety of gender TA deployments to understand what level of effort different types of work require.
Solid gender technical understanding across a range of sectors and geographic contexts.
Negotiation skills and ability to be propositional.
Highly responsive communicator, solution-focused.
Flexibility and willingness to prioritize and actively trouble shoot and/or support Gender Cohort assignments when challenges arise.
Committed to capacity strengthening of Gender Cohort members.


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