VP, Software Engineering

Required Skills And Experience

Candidates should have a track record of successful product delivery in the software industry, the ability to speak compellingly to a global industry audience, the ability to plan and organise across multiple products and teams, clear leadership skills, an appreciation for open source, and hunger for commercial success.

Exceptional academic results at high school and university
Degree qualification in Computer Science or Software Engineering
Passion for high quality, usable, fast and reliable software
Extensive management experience with multiple reporting teams
Confidence in public speaking
Exceptional work ethic
Ability to travel internationally for company and industry events
Successful startup experience preferred
Public company experience preferred
Open source experience strongly preferred

We are an ambitious organisation with the goal to be the primary partner for most industry players and end-users of open source, but we are also humble – our primary mission as a platform and an aggregator is to serve those who innovate on open source rather than competing with them. We don’t create a new database – we enable others to create and distribute new open source products, and our strategy must be as good for them as it is for us. Our success depends on the success of others. We benefit from the growth of the major public clouds, of open source startups, of semiconductor companies, and of the businesses that choose to build on open source and Ubuntu – and we value their success as much as our own.

We believe that open source will be the foundation of all enterprise computing, from the edge to the cloud. Today, we deliver the leading open source operating system, Ubuntu, but we believe that Ubuntu is the tip of the iceberg and we would like to serve the wider market for applications, services and solutions with equal success.

You will need to be exceptional, organised and deeply motivated by Canonical’s values and strategy to pursue one of these roles. You will need to understand how Canonical is different, and what that difference means competitively, commercially and socially. For the right candidate, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to lead a category of open source and the de facto standard experience that millions of developers and businesses have with it.

Your technology interests may include cloud computing, IoT, web systems, back-end data stores, scale-out infrastructure or Linux itself. You should have a gift for software design and implementation, and enjoy a highly professional environment with careful choices of technology, architecture, data design, and user interface. You should have broad-based knowledge of Linux, networking, software development, databases, API design and possibly web presentation layers.



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About Canonical

We deliver open source to the world faster, more securely and more cost effectively than any other company. We develop Ubuntu, the world’s most popular enterprise Linux from cloud to edge, together with a passionate global community of 200,000 contributors. Ubuntu means 'humanity to others'​. We chose it because it embodies the generosity at the heart of open source, the new normal for platforms and innovation. Together with a community of 200,000, we publish an operating system that runs from the tiny connected devices up to the world's biggest mainframes, the platform that everybody uses on the public cloud, and the workstation experience of the world's most productive developers. Secure and reliable, elegant and intuitive, and open for innovation - Ubuntu is the future of open source, which is why its the fastest growing Linux in the world despite already being the most widely deployed.