Indentured Learner (10 Positions)


To learn to operate at least one of the following technologies in SMD; a Protos Cigarette Maker or a GD Cigarette Packer or a KDF Filter Maker, including learning basic machine settings and learning basic maintenance on the same in SMD in order to consistently achieve set quality parameters.

The individual is responsible to “act as an Equipment Owners for an Operating Line/module. They are responsible for delivering the results necessary to achieve the KPIs by rigorous application of RTT/ IWS tools. This is an Entry Level Position in PMD.



Operations/ Professional/ Business

Learn to operate a Protos Cigarette Maker or a GD Cigarette Packer or a KDF Filter Maker efficiently to achieve agreed production targets while giving the updates on the machine performance and tasks.
Learn to carry out basic machine settings e.g., changing garniture tape, knives & settings such circumference control during production etc.
Learn to monitor product quality as per the specifications sheets and record the data on quality checklists and take corrective measures as and when necessary.
Report machine running faults and corrective measures taken on machine cards on hourly basis and recommend preventive maintenance when necessary by filling in maintenance request forms.
Learn to check all machine detectors and interlocks by simulation to ensure their proper functioning.
Monitor and control waste from the machines by making proper machine settings or requesting a competent person to do it, to minimise waste and recovering good quality cigarettes from waste packets.
Participate in maintenance when required as part of development & training process.



Adherence to production schedules/plans to ensure all products are produced according to the production plan
Carry out Cleaning, Inspection & Lubrication as per the checklists and procedures provided on the machine.
Accurately capture data on machine cards, quality checklists and detector checklists.
Learn how to control cost through optimum spares usage and downtime reduction.


Consistently seek for opportunities for growth and self-development by showing discipline in following all training programs.
Sets an example of personal excellence by consistently demonstrating behaviours aligned to our Guiding Principles and integration in the team.
Build effective networks and working relationship with a view to leverage on it to build expertise and experience.
Coordinate with other Team members, Team leaders, Technical Executives, QA supervisors & Shift managers to ensure delivery of quality products on time in full.


The Job Holder must have at least an Ordinary National Diploma in Engineering.
1-2 years’ experience in a similar position in a manufacturing environment.
Good communication and interpersonal skills are necessary to effectively work in a team and communicate with the team members, managers, and other stakeholders from other sections/departments.


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