Retail Supervisor – Wajir

Title: Retail Supervisor

Location: Field (80%) and shop (20%)

Purpose: As a Retail Supervisor you will be driving the key metrics of a shop: Sales, Installation, and Repossession. You will have the opportunity to build and manage a network of agents, technicians, and one shop manager.


Create and maintain an incredible sales team
Meet the sales objectives through careful planning and motivating your team
Meet the technician target through a laser focus on efficiency
Meet the operational standard we expect at the shop

Description of tasks

Responsible for new customer acquisition across a defined area
Hiring agents who are very effective sellers and good representatives of BBOXX
Training agents to offer an incomparable customer service
Managing the schedule of agents and motivating them to reach new heights
Supporting and coaching agents in the field when needed (e.g. group presentation)
Monitoring their performance against objectives and take necessary actions
Organizing the agent network geographically
Responsible for technicians’ performance
Managing the schedule of technicians and motivating them to reach new heights
Monitoring their performance against objectives and take necessary actions
Responsible to implement a marketing strategy in coordination with Retail Area Manager
Request for any marketing activities
Responsible for the operations at the shop
Supervise the shop manager in its activities
Report to the retail area manager about the shop results

Specification, Skills, and Qualifications Desired:

A degree in a business-related field with a background preferably in FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)
Have prior experience in sales management with a deeper understanding of Route to Market Strategies,
We are not looking for the “striker” of a football team but the head coach
Be willing to live in rural areas, the role is set in rural areas,
Be proficient with the Microsoft Office Suite
Excellent verbal communication, listening, and phone skills
You live to meet targets: You love challenges, you are driven to reach the target.
A failure is never an option. You have shown in the past an ability to meet targets independently as a leader.
You love selling: You have a passion for convincing people.
You love getting others to trust you and follow your advice.
You have some experience in selling effectively.
You deliver and expect the best: At BBOXX, we all want to deliver extraordinary work to bring the solar revolution.
We also expect others to do the same. You should have stories when you over-delivered in your career
Good motivational skills and enthusiasm
Leading a team is second nature: You might not have had a lot of professional experience yet leading a team.
You have led projects or managed conflicts effectively in the past, tell us about it.
You are committed to amazing customer experience:  Going the extra mile for the customer is natural for you.
A dynamic and positive attitude, excellent organization, coordination, planning, and team management skills.


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