Quality Assurance Analyst

Job Objective

The Customer Engagement and Collections Quality Assurance Analyst role will be an integral part of the Customer Engagement and Collections team and will report to the head of Customer Engagement and Collections. They are responsible for call monitoring and providing actionable insights. Through monitoring, a QA analyst gathers information to improve agent performance in the contact Centre through relevant evaluation forms to capture insights from the CEC agents’ interactions with ASANTE clients. They are also responsible together with the department’s senior executives, to communicate the findings, resolution, recommendations, and way forward for the continuous improvement of the department. They are also responsible for the assurance of all the set CEC objectives and communications plan, SLA, Escalation Matrixes executed implemented for each product.


Functional responsibilities

Develop evaluation programs that maximizes the output and productivity of the contact centre. It should provide root-causes of problems, possible solutions and provide actionable insights for performance improvements.
Monitor the trends within their company but also what is trending across the industry
Capturing ‘voice of customer’ analytics that provides critical business insights. Insights to empower the business teams to make strategic and well-informed decisions and improve consumer experience.
Call monitoring and providing actionable insights to improve agent performance in the contact centre.
Creation of evaluation forms and process that capture insights from the call centre agent client interactions for both inbound and outbound interactions.
Create Daily, weekly, and monthly individual agent and departmental collective reports for the different CEC department’s metrics and audited processes, reports, documents and systems.
Assist audit the documents, workbooks, reports, and systems for each product for alignment towards the intended set objectives and/or deviation from the set objectives.
Provide continuous agent training to ensure quality and professional client interactions are met by all agents for both inbound and outbound calls and messages on every communication platform.
Identify and monitor compliance opportunities and adherence to set compliance protocols to reduce business vulnerabilities.
Continuously optimizing the existing process leading to improved efficiency as well as reduced costs.

Skills Experience & Education

Bachelor’s degree in business or IT/related field
Excellent computer skills in Microsoft Office (Excel and Word)
Fluent spoken and written English and Kiswahili
2 year + working experience call or collections call centre as a quality assurance analyst or quantitative and qualitative data analysis
Experience with CRM.
Motivated and able to self-manage and work independently

Key Performance Indicators

Ensure agent adherence to calling script and message scripts 90% of the time for each agent
Average Handling Time of 3 minutes per agent 90% for all an agent’s interactions
First call response time 1 minute per agent 90% for all an agent’s interactions
First Contact Resolution for 80% of all an agent’s interactions
Average customer interactions at 200 call/interactions per agent
CSAT score at 90% of all an agent’s interactions
NPS score of 90% for the department
Cost per successful defaulted client conversion


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