Startup Founder (Tech)
Job Type Full Time
Qualification BA/BSc/HND
Location Nairobi
Job Field Administration / Secretarial
Are you an experienced Full-stack Developer, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, or DevOps Engineer who is ready to take the leap and become an entrepreneur?

According to a recent study from Babson, 66% of professionals want to start their own business but only a handful make the decision to quit their jobs and make this happen. At Antler, we lower the barriers to entrepreneurship by providing you not only with the necessary support to find the right co-founder, test and validate your idea and build global companies but also with funding from day one.

We are now looking for experienced tech professionals motivated to join the Antler Nairobi program to build tech companies within the energy, mobility, and property sectors. The program starts in Sept 2020.


Do you have a strong tech background? Are you a full-stack developer, data scientist, machine learning engineer, or DevOps engineers? Or are you a researcher with deep domain expertise?

We look for great tech experts who aspire to become founders of great companies.

Technical background: you are an expert in your domain
Grit and inner drive: We look for people who will run to the ends of the world to achieve their goals. Your resilience and ability to fail, learn, and bounce back is a key determinant of success.
Problem-solving skills: We look for those who have a unique and creative way to approach the problems they see around them.
A clear spike: We look for individuals with a clear spike – deep expertise in their fields of work, a personality trait, or a passion.
The Antler six-month program is designed to support you in finding co-founders, testing and validating ideas, and building fast-growing global startups. Selected founders get funding from day one and gain access to a top tier network of advisors and experts worldwide.

Program details:

The next Nairobi program will start in Sept 2020.
All selected individuals will receive a stipend of USD 1500 for the first phase of the program (11 weeks).
After 11 weeks, Antler invests USD 100,000 for a 20% equity stake in each company that is selected by our investment committee.
To cover the cost of the program, all companies invested in are required to pay a program fee of US$15,000.


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About Antler

We're a global startup generator and early-stage VC firm that builds groundbreaking technology companies.At Antler, we believe that it is important to have exceptional people, regardless of their background and nationality, work on addressing large global opportunities and challenges. We help you find the right co-founder among 80-100 other carefully selected people who’ve made it through the application process to start building your company.