Knowledge Management and Learning (KML) Specialist


The Knowledge Management and Learning Specialist (KML) will employ digital learning approaches to develop and implement innovative, creative, and effective ways to capture and share technical knowledge, leverage good practices, and improve the effectiveness of the program portfolio, as well as learning from our past and ongoing initiatives to achieve policy and programmatic impact.

Knowledge Management and Learning

Conduct a knowledge management, learning needs assessment at the Center to inform the development of the KML system and processes; including assessing areas where the Center can be more efficient in managing knowledge for sharing and learning.
Work alongside the M&E team to identify the current APHRC knowledge sharing strategies and tools, including the types of knowledge products, their sources, target audience and dissemination channels currently in use.
Develop an innovative KML strategy and work plan in line with the APHRC Strategic Plan 2022-2026, its MEL Plan as well as other Center KML needs.
Advise management on the best software/KML platform to adopt at the Center that will ensure integration of the current knowledge repositories available (e.g. eDMS, REDCap, ERP, M&E Platform, APHRC website etc.)
Develop SOPs to guide knowledge management at the Center including knowledge capture, cleaning, quality checks, storage, sharing, and feedback mechanisms and institutionalization of a community of practice.


Strengthening and Integration of Knowledge Management Systems

Operationalize the Systems Thinking Framework for Knowledge Management so that information system components are strengthened and better managed, better quality data is generated, and capacity is developed to use those data by decision-makers at every level of the system.
Lead the development of the KML platform alongside the software developer that should be able to optimize functionalities on how knowledge is captured, organized and made easily accessible.
Ensure that the KML platform integrates the available KML repositories currently in use and ensure seamless and user-friendly access and use of the system.
Strengthen and maintain the repository of knowledge products produced by the Center and ensure institutional learning is captured, stored and made accessible to staff and management and external stakeholders.
Design a dashboard that tracks and presents KML metrics.


Knowledge Management Implementation

Act as the KML focal point, coordinate and drive the KML activities within the Center.
Operationalize the Center’s Research and Learning Agenda to leverage the organizational learning culture and the new systems thinking approach that supports collaborating, learning, and adapting efforts.
Lead the mainstreaming and institutionalization of the KML strategies, SOPs and work plan.
Manage the community of practice and lead inter-Divisional coordination on KML.
Ensure the KML systems are up to date with available knowledge products.
Facilitate cross-Division learning and transfer of best practice through documentation and dissemination/sharing of lessons learned for overall organizational learning.
Prepare KML related content, communications and semi and annual KML reports.
Manage and disseminate on a quarterly/annual basis outputs from a dashboard that tracks and presents KML metrics.
Respond and contribute to the knowledge requests from staff.
Lead and support knowledge sharing and learning events such as Collaborative Learning and Adaptation (CLA) workshops at all levels.
Strengthen quality assurance processes for the KML platform and conduct data quality checks.
Track user feedback on the knowledge products used.
Periodically review the organizational processes for KML efficiency and effectiveness.
Support the Strategic Plan’s  mid-cycle , and end line stock taking processes and facilitate the programmatic desk reviews.
Capacity Strengthening

Provide guidance and orientation to APHRC staff on the Knowledge Management system, processes and resources.
Conduct training on knowledge management for APHRC staff as need arises.
Support the Center’s Institutional Capacity strengthening efforts by conducting training for external audiences as need arises.
Keep informed about best practices in knowledge management and ensure these practices are adopted at the Center.
Qualifications, Skills, and Experience

Masters level degree in International Development, Computer Science, Library Science, Knowledge Management, Social Sciences, or other related field.
At least 7 years of relevant experience in knowledge management.
Experience in and ability to work with ICT tools and specific knowledge management platforms.
Strong research and analysis skills.
Strong interpersonal skills to work collaboratively in a diverse environment.
Exceptional organizational and coordination skills.
Excellent written and oral communication skills in English are essential.
Proficiency in French will be an advantage.
Closing: October 07, 2022


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