Community Building & Data Analyst
Job TypeFull Time
Job FieldICT / Computer

The Room is the world’s first talent agency for ambitious, mission-driven professionals. Just like superstar athletes have agents that work alongside them to build great careers and achieve phenomenal success, The Room partners with the world’s doers by providing access to hidden opportunities that fuel their ambition and accelerate their impact. Our aim is to grow The Room’s membership to 10-15 million of the world’s most talented people and work with them to achieve their full potential while catalyzing collaborations that will transform the world. The main benefits of working for The Room are:

A chance to make history: Become part of the team who is developing 3M leaders for Africa and help us convert a potential crisis into an era of global innovation & prosperity
A powerful network: Join our powerful network of thousands of talented individuals who are living impactful lives across industries and geographies
Professional development: Get access to the learning programs that made us the most innovative company in Africa for “remaking education for a new era”
A talented & diverse team: Join a group of top performers coming from across the world and work alongside them in a fast-paced, impact-driven, environment
Autonomy & empowerment: Enjoy the autonomy of working remotely and be empowered to achieve clear and ambitious goals in an outputs-driven organization

Initiative & Courage: You have an owners’ approach and you are proactive with what needs to be done; you also embrace risks and failure
Humility & Adaptability: You have a beginners’ mindset and you always seek to learn; you are also flexible and embrace pivoting
Possibility & Adventure: You are passionate about life, you have a growth mindset and you can thrive on uncertain circumstances and uncharted territory
Resilience: You tackle difficult situations with a can-do attitude and are relentless in the pursuit of your goals
Emergent Leadership: You are aware, and can manage, your emotions and those of others very well, you also have an empathetic, collaborative approach to leadership and you love working with others

Get exposed to opportunities that enable you to grow personally and professionally.
Gain experience in design
Build your event planning and management skills
Work with a diverse team of innovative and dedicated doers
You will be part of a global movement that will create transformational impact.

The mission of this job is to to build an actively engaged community of the world’s most talented Young Professionals, enabling them to discover and pursue their personal goals and connect with each other to create greater impact together.

Some of the job’s goals and activities are:

To be primarily responsible for the collection and analysis of data for our squad and making recommendations from the analysis as well as developing/supporting our member engagement events and initiatives.
Analyse member engagement.
Analyse effectiveness of our communication platforms.
Make recommendations based on analysis done.
Design community building member experiences with other team members.
Deliver exceptional member events/ programming.

You hold a Bachelor’s degree in a quantitative field. Preferred but is not mandatory.
You have experience in Data Analysis and are proficient in Microsoft Office tools including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
You have a basic understanding of how to extract data from multiple source systems.
Ability to analyse, model and interpret data: You can effectively analyse data and make inferences from it
Data Visualization: You can graphically represent information and data.
You have excellent written and verbal communication skills: you can effectively communicate in English
You have an ability to plan your work and meet all deadlines:
Accuracy and attention to detail: You pay close attention to all of the small particulars when working on a task or project.
Interpersonal skills: You can work well with others.
Critical Thinking: You can objectively analyse and a problem in order to form a judgement.
Restless excellence: You continuously strive and aim for excellence in your work
Passionate: You love what you do
Innovativeness and creativity: You have a tendency to use your imagination to create or introduce something new or different in any situation


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About African Leadership Group

The African Leadership University is at the beginning of a rapid growth spurt, expanding its student numbers, course offerings, and campus locations. Over the next 5-­7 years, it expects its student numbers to grow from the current 360 (on one campus) to over 25,000 (distributed on perhaps 6-­8 campuses and in the 'cloud’). Despite this multi-­campus location, ALU seeks to remain "one university”, with students being able to move seamlessly from one campus to another, using one integrated technology platform for learning, payments, and all other aspects of interaction as they learn, live, and play at ALU.