About WeFarm

WeFarm, the world’s largest knowledge network for small-scale farmers, empowers farmers to connect with one another around the world to solve problems, share ideas and spread innovation. WeFarm Insights help businesses make better decisions regarding their supply chain. We collect all data shared by SMS in order to analyse the real challenges faced by smallholder farmers and map trends and issues such as drought, disease or crop diversification. By disaggregating this information, we can help organisations provide appropriate support and drive sustainable change. WeFarm Insights are provided in monthly or quarterly reports with detailed information making it possible for businesses to understand issues and requirements of isolated suppliers. WeFarm Insights can be tailored to suit your business needs and may include the following: – Data on farmer usage and interaction with the system – Information on key trends and most discussed issues including disease, droughts or crop diversification – Example questions and identification of best farmer practices to be shared – Disaggregated data by gender, age, location, crop Benefits: Understand and map issues at the farmer level of your supply chains Improve training and provide tailored support Make better decisions improve forecasting and allocate resources effectively Regain control and improve security of supply

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