About Skills Geographic Kenya (SGK)

SGK is one of the leading Human Resource Management consultancy firm in Kenya and the East African Region. SGK was formed after a thorough market research established a high demand for professional quality human resource management consultancy services especially to address unique challenges resulting from a globalized labor market and special needs of rapidly expanding economies of the East African Countries since the year 2000. A Jobseeker Evaluation Session at SGK To achieve our objective of maximum value addition to our clients, SGK has designed several targeted products to fully address needs of employers and those of the job seekers. While discharging its mandate, SGK will be guided by the following values: 1. Highest level of integrity 2. Maximum value addition through quality products 3. Zero tolerance to all forms of corruption 4. Learning from our past experience and practice SGK has designed several products aimed at facilitating full exploitation of human skills by linking skilled persons to job opportunities globally.

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