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Cargill in Kenya Cargill has been active in Kenya since 1984 and now has around 300 employees based in Mombasa, Nairobi and Nakuru. Activities in the country include trading in wheat, maize, barley, fertilizers, cotton and engaging in financial markets. In 2014 Cargill acquired Lesiolo Grain Handlers Limited (LGHL), a bulk grain handling company based in the Nakuru region of Kenya, strengthening our ability to offer products and services to commercial farmers and smallholders in Kenya, as providing a reliable, sustainable source of grain for customers and end-users in the region. We are also active in tea sourcing, handling storage and related services. In 2015 our animal nutrition business expanded its operations to include Kenya, where, in close collaboration with our grain and oilseeds businesses we supply key inputs such as grains, oilseeds, macro minerals, amino acids and premixes to Kenya’s growing feed and animal industry. Cargill investments in Kenya 2014 Cargill acquired Lesiolo Grain Handlers Limited (LGHL), a bulk grain handling company based in the Nakuru region of Kenya. Corporate Responsibility Corporate responsibility is part of everything we do. We collaborate with organisations around the world to improve nutrition and health of those in our communities, provide access to education, encourage responsible stewardship of natural resources, foster sustainable economic development and promoteresponsible business practices in our supply chain. For the past several years, we have supported the Mabamani Primary School in Mombasa with donations towards building more classrooms, as well as essential teaching and sports equipment to provide the pupils with a rounded education. We have facilitated the introduction of a water harvesting project at the school, providing water reservoirs and repairing existing guttering to save water. We have partnered with Friends of Karura forest on a project aimed at restoring the forest by removing alien invasive vegetation. In the Nakuru region, we have provided a greenhouse, a water tank, pump and electricity supply to a local orphanage, as well as providing access to water and basic medical facilities for the local community. Since 2004, Cargill has supported the Little Sisters of the Poor Senior Citizens Home with donations of food and clothing in Kenya. In 2013, Cargill Kenya partnered with the Aga Khan Foundation and Sombeza Knowledge Centre, a local NGO, to plant over 1,500 indigenous tree seedlings at Mwanda Primary School in Kwale County as part of a conservation effort for degraded land in the area. In addition to environmental benefits the planting of trees will provide communities with a future source of firewood. The wood is also used as a construction material. Pupils at the school have 'adopted’ the trees and are responsible for their care.

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